Revival of Ultima Online after 25 Years

MMOs have been out and around for decades and while World and Warcraft and Runescape are two of the most popular names that rise up to the top when we talk about this classic genre, it's Ultima Online, the game that has managed to stay alive for more than 2 decades and a half.

And to celebrate this HUGE milestone in the gaming world the developer Broadsword decided to revive this game with a slew of new updates to gather some new players and get back some old ones. Ultima Online has a massive history, it has been through a lot of changes and challenges that have surely affected the game but the developers are positive about it want players to come back and get a hit of Nostalgia.

What's New?

The developers have planned a ton of new content for the game while keeping it clean from bugs and glitches. On the occasion of Ultima Online's 25th-anniversary Broadsword has also introduced special content for the old players who have been playing this game for a very long time. They have even added a "Founding Citizen of Brittania" title for these old-timers.

The update also includes a number of server fixes to accommodate more classic players with a max ignore list cap jumping from 20 all the way to 80. And since it's the month of love, the UO team has also introduced a number of Valentine's day rewards including "friendship roses" once a week with 5 common and 1 rare color.

Other than that, the developers have also updated the Vet Reward for Ultima Online. So there is a lot going on for this game at the moment and with all these new updates and special content for the old players, I think this is the perfect time to dive into this game both as a new or veteran player.

Is it Worth Playing?

Just like every other MMO, Ultima Online has seen its fair share of ups and downs, with gold duping being one of the main reasons behind the game's downfall for a while. The in-game economy of UO took a significant hit when hackers started duping gold and items and increased the supply in the market, making the gold cheaply available for everyone.

But over the years, developers have been fighting to get the in-game economy back on track and they have been quite successful at ending this wild cycle. And throughout this whole time, the game has also seen some major updates and events trying to bring the classic MMO players back to where they belong.

Ultima Online ( is one of the VERY few games in the world that's been out for more than 2 decades and a half and still receiving consistent updates from the developers. This goes on to show how dedicated the UO team actually is towards their main MMO title. This is the reason why many players still believe so firmly in this game.

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